Culinary Trastevere

The picturesque streets in the district of Trastevere are flanked by tables and terraces on both sides. Hidden in a jumble of narrow, paved alleys you’ll find a wealth of romantic restaurants and cosy cafés. A walk through the historic neighbourhood is a truly wonderful cultural and culinary experience.


Coffee and biscotti

The square features a variety of lovely terraces and restaurants. A great place to start is Caffe degli Aranci and its famous freshly squeezed orange juice. Further down on the Piazza St. Egidio you’ll find Ombre Rosse, a cosy bar that often hosts exhibitions and concerts. This is a fine spot to enjoy lunch with a sandwich and a good glass of Italian wine. Another good location to stop for a snack is Biscottificio Innocenti on the Via delle Luce. It is said that this small factory makes the best biscuits in Rome. Amaretti, cantuccini and crostata are just some of the delicacies on offer.

Romantic dining

Dining in Trastevere is a real treat. Beneath the enchanting light of the old street lamps, the streets look even more attractive. Large white parasols and chequered tablecloths invite you to a long evening of culinary surprises and fine wine. Alle Fratte di Trastevere, in the street of the same name, offers a delicious octopus carpaccio followed by grilled bass. The cuisine is a blend of Roman and Southern Italian, and owner Francesco will do his utmost to make you feel at home. The walls of the restaurant are covered with ivy which completes the ultra-romantic setting. For a completely different vibe, go to Il Boom, a restaurant in a charming side street of one of the busier streets of Trastevere. The interior is dominated by 1950s paparazzi photos of film stars such as Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. A jukebox further enhances the retro ambiance.

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